“I had not heard of EFT or Tapping before, but Lucie approached me at an event that we were both attending and offered her services because she thought she could help with the healing of my broken ankle. I was open to the idea. When we went through the process on our first session I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and intuition. The process was new and interesting, but most importantly I felt as though I was with a true professional. First impressions are always important, my first impression of EFT with Lucie is 2 thumbs up. If you are new to the idea or someone who has done this for years, I would strongly suggest working with Lucie.”

Ryan Roy, July 2015

“Thank you for facilitating my process today so beautifully, lovingly, and skillfully. You were right there next to me, tuned into my experience and holding the bigger perspective at the same time.  Your presence along with your intuition and expertise helped me create a masterful clearing. I don’t know the scale of change yet but sense that it went quite deep.
I’ll do my homework and keep you posted. I love the tapping sequence you created. It resonates so well with where I am now.Thank you so much for helping me conclude this journey. As new chapters await ;-)


“Lucie Monroe is an extremely gifted EFT practitioner. She’s astoundingly intuitive, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and easy to talk to. She gently guides you along your own emotional journey, helping you feel safe to bridge uncomfortable territories. Highly recommended.”


“For over four years I’ve watched my health decline over my inability to cope with my best friend’s tragic death.   It was as if I had internalized the trauma of watching my beautiful friend succumb to a particularly virulent form of colon cancer, allowing it to hurt me and make me sick.  So much fear, anxiety and helplessness became my own reality.  I couldn’t accept the loss of her, and I couldn’t let go of any of the experience of helplessly watching my friend die such a painful and horrible death.  I became convinced that I would die the same way.  I developed IBS and a whole host of other symptoms and phobias.  When I first learned about EFT, I knew instinctively that I had to at least try to apply it to my problem.  I was able to do this on my own with some limited success.  I then decided that I wanted to take it to the next level and work with a professional who could perhaps help me achieve greater healing with EFT.  I came across Lucie’s web-site and I felt an instant affinity with her.  She seemed very approachable, confident and yet gentle in her manner. Through an extraordinary hour-long Skype session I was able to heal and accept with Lucie what I have been incapable of accepting for all these years.  Letting her intuition and compassion inspire her, she led me through a deeply healing experience that has freed me from so much pain.  Her sensitivity to the particulars of my situation was extremely impressive.  My session with her removed quite a few road-blocks to my physical and spiritual healing, and I now look forward to continuing my journey to health and wholeness. Thank you, Lucie!”


“Thank you again for the wonderful session. It was AMAZING. (I wish I had recorded it…) I still feel at peace about [my issue]. All the work is holding up. Your voice and touch are very healing. [...] There are really no words to describe how profound it was.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s session. It was absolutely remarkable! [...]
I’ve been doing EFT for a number of years and have found it effective for things I can identify, but when I work with you, I am impressed with the depth and clarity with which you are able to help me make dramatic, lasting changes.”


“Hi Lucie.  I’m still processing my EFT experience with you but at the very least I can say that there came of it some remarkable insights.  I’ve been in therapy for anxiety for 1 year and I think one session with you did more for me than that whole year. Thank you so much for that.   I can also say that I was remarkably calm for the rest of the day–a feeling that is somewhat foreign to me. “


A chiropractor once said that I have a strong back like he rarely sees. He was impressed and naturally it felt pretty good to hear something like that. As you might imagine I’ve never had any issues with my back whatsoever – never any pain to speak of, and I’ve done some pretty physical labor in my 33 years. So suddenly, over a couple of days, I get this pain that just won’t quit no matter what I did – it just kept lasting and lasting and wouldn’t get better. And I’m healthy and active, but have worked in an office for the last few years, so this was kind of odd. I couldn’t turn my head to one side without extreme discomfort, and it was persistently in the background even when I wasn’t moving around. We’re talking weeks. To make a long story short, Lucie helped me through some set-up sentences for just a few rounds of EFT tapping over 10-15 minutes. When we were done it was almost entirely gone. I thought to myself, That’s incredible! But I also realized that while I can do EFT on my own and have great results (which has certainly happened), I really believe her intuitive ability to create exactly the right setup sentences, and follow just the right threads of emotion was invaluable to me. It was not something I could have done on my own, and her ability to guide me through the process far surpassed what my own efforts would have uncovered.”


“I didn’t notice anything after my first session with Lucie – at least not much beyond a desire to go to bed at once and sleep till the next day – but my wife did. She told me that I was a lot more open and authentic in my communication with her and that she felt a renewed sense of connection with the new me. In only one hour of therapy! That was unheard of for me…”


“Psychotherapy helps you understand your problems, EFT helps you get rid of them. [...]The week following my first session with Lucie, I could tell that a domino effect of healing was taking place inside me. Things that had been bothering me in my relationship with my parents suddenly ceased to bother me altogether and I was surprised that I wasn’t trapped by my old patterns anymore. Lucie is insightful and compassionate and her help was invaluable in finally bringing to fruition years of conventional psychotherapy.”


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