Free Phone Consultations

You’re new to EFT and are wondering if it’s the right technique and how it could help you…
Or you’re looking for an EFT professional and would like to know if I would be a good fit…
Then, take advantage of the free 20-minute phone consultation I offer any first-time client. Click here to schedule.

Individual Sessions

Whether there are traumatic issues you want to tackle, or you feel stalled in your personal healing journey, an individual session is just what you need. I offer face-to-face sessions as well as phone or Skype. There’s a natural rhythm to EFT, and appointments tend to last an hour to an hour and a half (depending on how much work you want to accomplish). Click here to schedule a session.

Monthly Tapping Circles

A tapping circle is a great way to keep your personal EFT practice on track. Imagine receiving monthly healing boosts from a professional practitioner while benefiting from the group synergy. Tapping circles are also a great way for newcomers to experience EFT without committing to a full-blown individual session. RSVP for the next tapping circle here, or send me an email.

Coaching Package

If you’re serious about overhauling your life, take advantage of the $400 coaching package: during 6 months you will receive 4 sessions with me, weekly motivational communication, a monthly check-up and all the assistance necessary to make your tapping life-enhancing.
Due to the intensive and intimate nature of this program, I limit the amount of clients I work with. Be sure to reserve your spot by sending me an email.

Custom Group Sessions

If you want an affordable way to experience EFT, set up a custom group session with your friends or colleagues. It can either take place in person or through a teleconference format and will revolve around the theme of your choosing. Contact me for logistics and pricing information. Email to set up.