Forcing My Kids to Kiss Adults (When They Don’t Feel Like It) Isn’t About Politeness Anymore

 - by lucie

As a victim of assault myself and a child who grew up more or less coerced into kissing every adult who demanded it, I know first-hand I did learn it’s inappropriate to refuse to be physical or polite with people who expect it from you. It has absolutely led to me being overly nice with people who were stepping all over my boundaries. I’m now 35, still trying to grapple with boundaries. So I urge you to read this wonderful article! Read this article »

She’s Growing So Fast!

 - by lucie

I think of my baby everyday all day long.

I sleep I think of my baby.

I eat I think of my baby.

I leave the house I think of my baby.

I see clients I think of my baby too. Read this article »

Get a Grip!

 - by lucie

Having a kid will magnify the difficulties you have in your life! And setting things straight – getting a grip as some would say – will prove herculean. Almost impossible. So difficult you’ll think it can’t be done.

But don’t let this stop you! A lot of people will stay with the overwhelm, resigned that this is the way things are from now on. And I can’t blame them! I’ve struggled with my own share of baby-related hurdles. I realized that – unbeknownst to me – what I thought of as basic hygiene, like showers and shampoos, probably wasn’t all that important. Read this article »

Tapping Circles for 2014

 - by lucie

It’s a brand new year, it’s a brand new tapping circle schedule!

Here’s a short list of the upcoming events for the year.
The gatherings will take place in Somerville, MA from 2pm to 4pm on the third Sunday of each month.
Note that events are subject to change. Updates and location will be posted on the Boston EFT Meetup Group. Read this article »

New Year’s Eve or the Power of Intention

 - by lucie

I love New Year’s Eve!

Whether it’s to turn the page on a difficult or a fantastic year, NYE has always allowed me to wrap up, take stock, set intentions and look forward to a whole new year.

Yesterday, as I was catching the parade in Boston, I was filled with gratitude! 2013 was ripe with gifts, professionally but most notably on the personal level. In August, I finally settled into a home in a perfect location, welcomed my daughter into the world and picked up a childhood dream were I had left it 23 years prior. My eyes got misty as I was counting my blessings. Read this article »

Mandatory Holiday Cheer – Why It’s not Always a Good Idea

 - by lucie

This past week, I’ve been increasingly aware of the pressure to be merry. From many sides I’ve encountered variations of this:

- After reading a poignant article written by a person who’s suffered years of chronic pain that hasn’t gone away in spite of all the different “solutions” that were tried and how every single time a new hope was formed (maybe this will be the right tool to make the pain disappear) and how invariably the hopes were crushed harder and harder every time; after reading this article, then, a healer I know is compelled to reach out and offer a free session – yet another technique holding the same promise and the potential for the same disappointment if not despair. Read this article »

Trust Your Instincts

 - by lucie

You’ve probably heard a million times from all sorts of sources that you need to trust your instincts. It’s become a catch-all phrase that’s been heralded as the creme de la creme in decision-making.

The problem? What do instincts feel or look like?

I haven’t always been intuitive and tuned into my body’s wisdom, so I definitely relate to this question. I remember being incredibly frustrated by all the alternative healing practitioners bragging about how they feel energy moving inside their body and also – gasp – inside their patients’ bodies. Then I had a breakthrough and felt that too. Read this article »

How to Successfully Transition to Being a Working Mom

 - by lucie

There’s many chaos-inducing things in life. And a baby ranks way high on that scale.

It was already hard to deal with the baby alone and figure out things like taking care of her, keeping her alive, dealing with fussiness, lack of sleep, health issues. Now that you know you’ll never get the hang of it because she keeps changing but you’re somehow OK with it (or maybe you’re not and you feel like you’re just being dragged along), you have to make the baby work for your life. And that comes with a whole lot of chaos-inducing questions. Read this article »

Postpartum Depression Hurts – Don’t Get Resigned to It

 - by lucie

Postpartum depression or PPD is a silent condition. Although more and more celebrities and medical professionals are speaking up and warning us about this harmful disease, there’s still many isolated mothers who are going through this alone and don’t know they should seek help. Depending on the studies, up to 25% of women can suffer from it after giving birth. That’s 1 woman out of 4!

Whether it’s a mild case of baby blues or full-fledged depression, the mechanisms behind aren’t well understood yet. A sudden hormonal imbalance, vitamins or micro-nutrients deficiency, drastic lifestyle changes: they all contribute to the onset of PPD. And although these can and should be addressed with the help of qualified medical professionals, there’s another contributing factor Read this article »

The Irreversibility of Time

 - by lucie

There are things I knew intellectually:

Time is irreversible.
Life is a miracle.
You haven’t love until you’ve become a parent.

And although I knew these to be true, I never knew how true they were until I felt them. Read this article »