How to Successfully Transition to Being a Working Mom

 - by lucie

There’s many chaos-inducing things in life. And a baby ranks way high on that scale.

It was already hard to deal with the baby alone and figure out things like taking care of her, keeping her alive, dealing with fussiness, lack of sleep, health issues. Now that you know you’ll never get the hang of it because she keeps changing but you’re somehow OK with it (or maybe you’re not and you feel like you’re just being dragged along), you have to make the baby work for your life. And that comes with a whole lot of chaos-inducing questions. Read this article »

Postpartum Depression Hurts – Don’t Get Resigned to It

 - by lucie

Postpartum depression or PPD is a silent condition. Although more and more celebrities and medical professionals are speaking up and warning us about this harmful disease, there’s still many isolated mothers who are going through this alone and don’t know they should seek help. Depending on the studies, up to 25% of women can suffer from it after giving birth. That’s 1 woman out of 4!

Whether it’s a mild case of baby blues or full-fledged depression, the mechanisms behind aren’t well understood yet. A sudden hormonal imbalance, vitamins or micro-nutrients deficiency, drastic lifestyle changes: they all contribute to the onset of PPD. And although these can and should be addressed with the help of qualified medical professionals, there’s another contributing factor Read this article »

The Irreversibility of Time

 - by lucie

There are things I knew intellectually:

Time is irreversible.
Life is a miracle.
You haven’t love until you’ve become a parent.

And although I knew these to be true, I never knew how true they were until I felt them. Read this article »

But What Is My Baby Trying to Tell Me???

 - by lucie

Isn’t it frustrating when your baby is crying bloody murder and you’ve checked off all possible causes (hunger? no, diaper? no, burp? no, colic? no, cold? no,hot? no, teeth? no, uncomfortable? no, etc.) and yet she just can’t seem to stop crying. The cries are getting louder and louder. She gets red in the face and soon it sounds like she’s gagging on her own sobs? Her distress is making you miserable because you wish you just knew what to do to help her.

If only she could speak, you’d understand. Read this article »

Are Meditation and Motherhood Ever Going to Be Compatible?

 - by lucie

Don’t you hate reading about these spiritual masters or health gurus that have the perfect life? They wake up relaxed and rested in the morning, do some visualization about their perfect day, drink a quart of reversed osmosis water blessed with love, do their gratitude routine, get up and do some kundalini yoga, before using their neti pot, doing some dry brushing, soaking in a bath spiked with Dead Sea salts, meditate for half an hour then have a super food green smoothie and a raw macrobiotic breakfast? And that’s just what they do before 8am!

One thing I know: these guys don’t have kids. Or they have lots of people working for them. Or both. Read this article »

Parenting Is a Language

 - by lucie

There’s a science to parenting. Scientists of all ilk are constantly improving our understanding of the mechanisms and conditions leading to the best possible outcomes for our children. Lots of experts lead studies after studies, write articles after articles, and publish an ever-increasing amount of books. And concerned parents study hard to make sense of the information, assimilate it and apply it to their lives.

That said, parenting is also an art. Because every baby’s different, every toddler is his or her own self, every child has a unique personality, and because that personality evolves overtime – a 2-month old and a 2-year old have very different needs and outlooks – nothing is set in stone and every theory or program need to be adapted to constantly evolving specific cases, there’s a whole craft to being a parent. Read this article »

It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

 - by lucie

I have a few humor websites that I go to when I feel low. No matter how depressed they can get me to laugh in a matter of minutes or even seconds for a particularly good joke. These websites always make fun of something or someone.

Like i-phone owners. Or 80′s haircuts. Or “scene” teenagers. Read this article »

7 Reasons My 2-Month Old Is a Real Zen Master

 - by lucie

Meditation, yoga, spiritual practice and all that went out the window when I had my baby. Fortunately she seems to have innate abilities for these things and she became my spiritual teacher:

1. She takes deep breaths

I love it when I feel her little belly inflate with every breath. No shallow breathing for my little one! Paying attention to her breath allows me to realize how constricted mine is and how I’m constantly contracting my abs and sucking my belly in. So I take a few deep breaths, stretch my abdomen out and inflate my lungs with fresh air. Thank you little master. Read this article »

What’s Your ACE Score? And Why Should You Care?

 - by lucie

The ACE Study, or Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, was started in 1995 by a team of mental health professionals as a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Disease Control. More than 17,000 participants were examined – and most are still being followed to this day – so as to determine the influence of abuse, neglect, and family dysfunction on their health later in life.

What I love about the ACE score?

It shows that even very conservative health organizations recognize that early emotional trauma has an impact on health later on. Read this article »