New Workshop: Jumpstart Your EFT Practice

 - by lucie

Join me for a three-workshop series taking place on Saturday 15, 22 and 29 of January, from 3 to 5. Mixing quite a bit of instructions with a lot of hands-on tapping, these workshops are ideal to get you started (or put you back on tracks) with an energy tool designed to change your relationship with yourself in general, and with new year’s resolutions in particular.

  •  Workshop 1 will addresses the basics of the technique, and in particularly the tapping recipe on which everything else is constructed.
  •  Workshop 2 will focus on how to craft incredibly potent EFT sentences to achieve more autonomy in your practice.
  •  Workshop 3 tells you what to do when EFT is not working, and is dedicated to trouble-shooting your practice.

You can choose to attend one or more of either of these workshops. Each one is only $10 (this is an unbelievable value that is well worth $100 in price)!
Bring your issues and your resolutions list!

Living with RSD

 - by lucie


I am going to be the main guest on a blog radio show dedicated to pain management for people suffering from chronic conditions such as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Fibromyalgia. I will be introducing EFT to a brand new audience : an average of 300 people are following the show live and about 1000 (!) download the podcast afterward.

Thank you to the dedicated host Trudy Thomas aka thematrix777 for having me and helping spread the word about EFT!

To have a visual support of the different tapping points involved in an EFT session, click here:

Listen to the show or dowload it here:

Boston Skillshare 2010

 - by lucie

I will be hosting a free workshop on cravings and emotional eating at the new edition of the Boston Skillshare.

I’m scheduled on Sunday, May 30th from 3:15 to 4:45 pm at 300 Fenway, Boston, MA, Block C, room 201 West.

Come and check out my workshop

Or dowload the free protocol on healing your emotional eating habits with EFT:

Overcome Emotional Eating with EFT