Vlog #2! This doesn’t apply to me!

 - by lucie

In the past, I’ve often indulged in one of the least helpful mind habits out there:

Thinking “I know that” or “This doesn’t apply to me” and just mentally discard what was being said to me.

This is a pretty bad habit because it keeps you disconnected from friends and family, but in the business department it can hurt your bottom line real bad.

This morning as I was thinking about how to best grow my business, I started thinking about all the business advice I’ve received over the years from the multiple business/marketing/sales coaches I’ve worked with. And that’s when I noticed that I had this pervasive underlying thought that what they told me didn’t apply to me. But what if wasn’t just a fact? What if it was a belief I had that kept me from taking in the knowledge they had to share? What if, even when it didn’t apply to me perfectly, I still could have adopted their advice and tweaked it to fit my business or my values? I just rejected it without even trying, didn’t I? Yes I did. No wonder I lack inspiration when I sit at my desk during the time I have devoted to growing my business.

I needed to tap on this right away. Here’s what I came up with. It’s very much stream of consciousness and this is how self EFT works best: no editing, let things that come up come up. You’ll be surprised by what you find. I was!

Vlog #2 – This doesn’t apply to me!