There’s a new service out there! Tapping Power Club…

 - by lucie

A Monthly Members Only Online Tapping Club

Imagine having access to a biweekly healing club. Twice a week, we meet over the phone or online for a one-hour group call to help you boost you forward on your journey. How helpful would it be to have regular access to the expertise of coaches who can help you overcome the obstacles to creating the life you want?

The Tapping Power Club group coaching program offers regular connection and support. You get to engage with your coaches and teammates, get new perspectives and inspiration, and celebrate your successes.

You’ll be guided regardless of your experience level to the resources and path that fits your unique journey.

Sign up for one month if you’re working through a time-specific issue, or become a regular part of the Tapping Power Club for an ongoing support base to your dreams.

Membership is $50/month.

WHAT: Tapping Power Club
WHERE: The convenience of your own home
HOW MUCH: $50/month
WHEN: The following August dates have been scheduled:
August 2nd, 2 pm
August 5th, 11 am
August 7th, 8:30 pm
August 11th, 4 pm
August 13th, 8:30 pm
August 17th, 2 pm
August 20th, 9 pm
August 26, 11 am
August 30, 2 pm
Mark your calendars!

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