Negativity Blaster: Tapping 101

 - by lucie

Tapping, aka Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is my not so secret weapon. I use it on negative emotions, limiting beliefs, feelings of overwhelm, negative self-talk, painful memories and so on. It’s a very simple self-help tool that will enhance your ability to find inner stability when everything is chaotic around you. Like when a baby’s born and their parents are struggling to do a good job, get some rest, retain a semblance of social and professional life, etc.

In this video I demonstrate the basic EFT formula and show you where the main tapping points are located, how to tap on them, and how to include them in a bona fide EFT recipe, with statements and all.

Remember, tapping is a very forgiving process: you cannot do it wrong! Even if you forget a point, don’t remember the proper tapping order, or the number of times you’re supposed to tap on each point, it’s absolutely fine… The only way to do EFT wrong is by not tapping at all.

So watch the video below and start tapping!

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