Turning a New Leaf

 - by lucie

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love the idea of taking stock of the past year. I make a point of remembering the joys and the growth I experienced, and I look at my goals and intentions and see how well I have achieved them. Sometimes, just setting an intention for the year ahead, like I’ve done in the past years, has given an arch and an orientation to my life. Always, it’s allowed me to expand in a new direction. And noticing when the movement was smooth and when it was more difficult when I look back on my year in December, gives me the chance to understand what wasn’t working and why.
Last year, I wanted more fun and ease in my life. And I’m happy to report that by and large, I’ve had much more fun and things were pretty easy if you take into account the higher level of difficulty I committed to when I signed up for grad school and parenthood simultaneously, all the while working in my private practice. And all the times that fun and ease were more scarce, I noticed it was mostly because I was hard on myself and not reaching out enough to my support network. Which is why I decided that, in 2015, my intention would be set on:

Self-compassion and Connection

Do you have a New Year’s Intention? Does it support your goals and resolution? If you need help finding what intention would take your life to the next level this year, don’t hesitate to reach out. A trained outside eye might help you see through the fog.