She’s Growing So Fast!

 - by lucie

I think of my baby everyday all day long.

I sleep I think of my baby.

I eat I think of my baby.

I leave the house I think of my baby.

I see clients I think of my baby too.

My life has a new direction, a new axis, a new definition because of my baby.

And I try to hold on to the months that go by. Something in me knows I won’t always remember what it felt like when I was pregnant, when she was a newborn, when she started really growing. The first time I hit that “holy shit what have you done with my helpless little babe” period when she was four months old and hitting a gazillion little milestones at once:

making bubbles/sitting up straight/turning the pages of her book/grabbing objects/rolling over/sucking on everything/pushing on her legs to stand/eating!

But chances are she’ll keep me so focused on the present and on what tomorrow will be like that I will forget eventually. I will be carried along into the maelstrom of her growing at lightning speed.

So when a video like this comes along and makes me feel the feelings of new motherhood all over again, I cry.


It’s an ad, but so what! It comes form the heart of a multitude of mothers. I dare you not to shed a tear!