Agreement of Services

 - by lucie

Agreement between Lucie Monroe, professional EFT practitioner, and signer.

I have been informed that Lucie Monroe is not a licensed health care provider, therapist, or psychologist. Her academic degrees are in engineering and not health care.

I understand that the services she provides in EFT are educational in nature.

I agree that this work is not psychotherapy and I am responsible for my own well being, during and after our work together.

I understand that I am advised to consult with my current health care providers before changing any medications or other treatments.

I understand that each session will be held in the strictest confidence and with the utmost respect.

I understand that Lucie may not give medical advice or diagnose medical conditions.

I understand I may contact Lucie for follow-up via email if needed.

I understand that payment is requested the same day of the session unless other arrangements have been made.

I understand that clients having a history of epilepsy or psychotic episodes should only do EFT while under direct supervision of a doctor or therapist.

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