Emotional Eating and EFT

 - by lucie

In order to pack the maximum benefits for the nice people taking my 1 1/2 hour workshop on “Overcoming Emotional Eating and Cravings with EFT” at the Boston Skillshare 2010, I created the document dowloadable at the bottom of the page.

In 6 small pages it gathers a series of self-discovery questions to jump-start the process, the details of my EFT protocol for healing emotional eating in the long run, and an EFT cheat sheet with instructions on how and where to tap.

With this tool and the already healing experience of the workshop, most people should be empowered to be their own therapist and reclaim their power over food. Yet, for some, there might be deeply buried core issues that need more work to be unearthed or there might be painful traumas that would require the gentle and safe guidance of a professional to be dealt with. In both cases, I urge everybody to reach for their phone and make an appointment with their favorite EFT therapist.

I hope, in a not so distant future, that EFT becomes a widely used tool by the majority of mental and physical healthprofessionals. And that is why I keep spreading the word. Don’t hesitate to do the same!

Click below to dowload for free this protocol: