Negativity Blaster: Tapping 101

 - by lucie

Tapping, aka Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is my not so secret weapon. I use it on negative emotions, limiting beliefs, feelings of overwhelm, negative self-talk, painful memories and so on. It’s a very simple self-help tool that will enhance your ability to find inner stability when everything is chaotic around you. Like when a baby’s born and their parents are struggling to do a good job, get some rest, retain a semblance of social and professional life, etc.

In this video I demonstrate the basic EFT formula and show you where the main tapping points are located, how to tap on them, and how to include them in a bona fide EFT recipe, with statements and all.

Remember, tapping is a very forgiving process: you cannot do it wrong! Even if you forget a point, don’t remember the proper tapping order, or the number of times you’re supposed to tap on each point, it’s absolutely fine… The only way to do EFT wrong is by not tapping at all.

So watch the video below and start tapping!

Get my free ebook on how to get started with EFT by clicking here! This tool summarizes and makes accessible years of experience and it will absolutely jump-start you on your healing journey.

2017 Tapping Circle Dates

 - by lucie

Here we are! This is yet another year of monthly tapping circles! In fact, January 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Boston EFT Meetup group. I can’t believe it’s been ten years! I couldn’t be more proud and excited about it, not only because it is a major accomplishment, but also because of what it represents. Tapping circles bring EFT to the community, to rich and poor alike, it multiplies healing and makes the biggest dent into healing the collective subconscious we all are immersed in. But a tapping circle would be meaningless without the people who show up and participate in it. Thank you to all of you (you know who you are)!

January 15, 2017
February 19, 2017
March 19, 2017
April 16, 2017
May 21, 2017
June 25, 2017
July 16, 2017
August 20, 2017
September 17, 2017
October 15, 2017
November 19, 2017
December 17, 2017

Tapping Circles are held from 2 PM to 4 PM on the third Sunday of each month. Please email me if you need the address. The cost is $20.

See you then!

How to do EFT by yourself

 - by lucie

This is a question I often receive from my clients. They know the how-to, they’ve practiced EFT quite a bit – either with a buddy, in my office, or by tapping along with a video – but when it comes to practicing on their own, they’re stuck.

“I don’t know what to say”

“I don’t know what to tap on”

“Words don’t come to me”

“I have no clue which direction to go”

“I tried but it didn’t work”

And these are just a few of the concerns they bring up. The truth is: there is no magic bullet when it comes to practicing EFT by yourself. Because the goal is to allow unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to become conscious, you won’t know ahead of time what to do or say. And it’s hard to keep tapping in spite of the uncertainty.

In this video I share a few tricks in order to address these concerns. A hint: one of them involves the use of a timer, the other the use of tapping. What? EFT can help when you don’t know how to do EFT? Well, yes! EFT can help with everything!


Vlog #2! This doesn’t apply to me!

 - by lucie

In the past, I’ve often indulged in one of the least helpful mind habits out there:

Thinking “I know that” or “This doesn’t apply to me” and just mentally discard what was being said to me.

This is a pretty bad habit because it keeps you disconnected from friends and family, but in the business department it can hurt your bottom line real bad.

This morning as I was thinking about how to best grow my business, I started thinking about all the business advice I’ve received over the years from the multiple business/marketing/sales coaches I’ve worked with. And that’s when I noticed that I had this pervasive underlying thought that what they told me didn’t apply to me. But what if wasn’t just a fact? What if it was a belief I had that kept me from taking in the knowledge they had to share? What if, even when it didn’t apply to me perfectly, I still could have adopted their advice and tweaked it to fit my business or my values? I just rejected it without even trying, didn’t I? Yes I did. No wonder I lack inspiration when I sit at my desk during the time I have devoted to growing my business.

I needed to tap on this right away. Here’s what I came up with. It’s very much stream of consciousness and this is how self EFT works best: no editing, let things that come up come up. You’ll be surprised by what you find. I was!

Vlog #2 – This doesn’t apply to me!

Tips to get into the habit of tapping every day

 - by lucie

Free 21-Day EFT Mini-Course

What if for 21 days you could receive an email in your inbox that would contain tapping tips, a tapping script and lots of idea about energy healing?
If you’ve wanted to turn EFT into a habitual daily practice, this is for you. Not only will you be receive great information to deepen your understanding of tapping, but you will get tapping script to get you tapping even if you have no idea how to do that. Not to mention that these daily emails will trickle down into your inbox for three whole weeks, which is the time it takes to form a new habit. Whether you’re a newcomer to tapping or a seasoned practitioner, this course will stimulate you, motivate you and get you to tap.

In order to finalize your registration, please send me a private message with your email address. I promise I will keep it completely private. I would never sell it or share it, because I hate spam just as much as you!


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Lose the extra weight for bikini season: Eat Tap Love!

 - by lucie

Eat Tap Love – Weight Loss Intensive Program

Summer is upon us and the pressure to lose weight for bikini season is ON! If you want to shed some pounds as well as shed some of the body shame that has been holding you back, this group will be perfect for you! Through a structured package including:

- 5 group calls rich with coaching and tapping,
- daily exercises for 4 weeks,
- email access for questions and support,
- and an accountability partner to help you stay on track,

this will help make the difference between stuck with the weight and taking it off.

The convenience of your own home. The efficacy of a personalized program for $100 only.

No fad diets, no boot camp, no shaming.

We start on Monday, August 3rd

WHAT: Eat Tap Love – Summer Weight Loss Intensive
WHEN: Every Monday night in August from 8 to 10 pm
WHERE: In the convenience of your own home
HOW MUCH: $100

There’s a new service out there! Tapping Power Club…

 - by lucie

A Monthly Members Only Online Tapping Club

Imagine having access to a biweekly healing club. Twice a week, we meet over the phone or online for a one-hour group call to help you boost you forward on your journey. How helpful would it be to have regular access to the expertise of coaches who can help you overcome the obstacles to creating the life you want?

The Tapping Power Club group coaching program offers regular connection and support. You get to engage with your coaches and teammates, get new perspectives and inspiration, and celebrate your successes.

You’ll be guided regardless of your experience level to the resources and path that fits your unique journey.

Sign up for one month if you’re working through a time-specific issue, or become a regular part of the Tapping Power Club for an ongoing support base to your dreams.

Membership is $50/month.

WHAT: Tapping Power Club
WHERE: The convenience of your own home
HOW MUCH: $50/month
WHEN: The following August dates have been scheduled:
August 2nd, 2 pm
August 5th, 11 am
August 7th, 8:30 pm
August 11th, 4 pm
August 13th, 8:30 pm
August 17th, 2 pm
August 20th, 9 pm
August 26, 11 am
August 30, 2 pm
Mark your calendars!

Register by clicking below:

The Nine Gamut Procedure

 - by lucie

Originally included in the basic EFT recipe and sandwiched between two rounds of the full tapping sequence – with face, chest and finger points – the nine gamut procedure has slowly faded out of the common tapping techniques used by new practitioners.


I think this might be a mistake.

1. When dealing with deeply buried upsets and suppressed feelings, the nine gamut procedure has no equal in bringing out emotional intensity where previously the practitioner was feeling either flat and detached. So it’s particularly useful in dealing with traumatic memories that we know we should be upset about but instead are feeling numb to.

2. The nine gamut procedure can also help if the practitioner is stuck. If after a few rounds of tapping, there doesn’t seem to be any change and there’s no insight as to what to do next, it’s time to give the nine gamut a change. By connecting the two hemispheres of the brain and accessing non verbal data, it allows new unconscious information to surface.

3. It’s also very useful when a strong emotion erupts out of nowhere and we find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster so intense that even tapping doesn’t entirely manage to slow it down. Using the nine gamut procedure at that time will be particularly effective in both calming down the practitioner and preventing re-traumatization. In short, the nine gamut is perfect in case of emergency.

However, there’s one big cave at. The nine gamut procedure looks goofy.

Really goofy.

And that’s coming from an EFT pro who’s been tapping in public for close to a decade without feeling self-conscious (that would be me).

So… What is the nine gamut?

It’s a series of nine actions.With your head steady and while tapping on the back of your hand in the hollow between the base of the pinky finger and the ring finger, do the following nine things:

1. Close your eyes
2. Open your eyes
3. Look to be bottom left
4. Look to the bottom right
5. Make a circle with your eyes
6. Make a circle in the other direction
7. Hum a tune
8. Count to 5
9. Hum again

Then pause to notice any change and resume the procedure if necessary.

For more on the science behind the nine gamut procedure, read this article by Dawson Church.


Turning a New Leaf

 - by lucie

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love the idea of taking stock of the past year. I make a point of remembering the joys and the growth I experienced, and I look at my goals and intentions and see how well I have achieved them. Sometimes, just setting an intention for the year ahead, like I’ve done in the past years, has given an arch and an orientation to my life. Always, it’s allowed me to expand in a new direction. And noticing when the movement was smooth and when it was more difficult when I look back on my year in December, gives me the chance to understand what wasn’t working and why.
Last year, I wanted more fun and ease in my life. And I’m happy to report that by and large, I’ve had much more fun and things were pretty easy if you take into account the higher level of difficulty I committed to when I signed up for grad school and parenthood simultaneously, all the while working in my private practice. And all the times that fun and ease were more scarce, I noticed it was mostly because I was hard on myself and not reaching out enough to my support network. Which is why I decided that, in 2015, my intention would be set on:

Self-compassion and Connection

Do you have a New Year’s Intention? Does it support your goals and resolution? If you need help finding what intention would take your life to the next level this year, don’t hesitate to reach out. A trained outside eye might help you see through the fog.

2015 Tapping Circles Calendar

 - by lucie

Here is a new year, here is a new opportunity to experience the magic of group EFT.

And here’s a short list of the upcoming events for the year.
The gatherings will take place in Somerville, MA from 2pm to 4pm on the third Sunday of each month – mostly.
Note that events are subject to change. Updates and location will be posted on the Boston EFT Meetup Group.
In order to RSVP you can either proceed through or contact me via email or phone.

January 25, 2015
February 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
April 26, 2015
May 17, 2015
June 21, 2015
July 19, 2015
August 16, 2015
September 20, 2015
October 18, 2015
November 15, 2015
December 20, 2015

New late policy:

Please arrive promptly. Doors are open starting at 1:45 and late arrivals will be allowed until 2:10. After 2:10, we’ll start the circle and because it is my duty to maintain a safe and smooth process for everyone, and to avoid disruptions – and a late arrival can be a tremendous disruption – I will close the doors and the circle to outsiders.